CSWNA Annual Conference  "Following the Path of Christ"
November 11-13,2016 @ Catholic University of America      

2016 Call for Papers                                                                               


Now that you have taken the first step in finding us online, you might ask yourself why join this association?  For one reason, the association believes in promoting the teachings of Jesus Christ and affirming the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. 

As Catholic social workers, we are called to live out the gospel and carry out His mission, not only in our personal lives but in our professional lives as well.

We advance His mission, by being a vibrant professional association that continues to be the voice for all Catholic social workers, united in following Jesus Christ and his Church.

As you start to explore the homepage, notice it will provide you with a variety of options.  Here you will discover additional information about the association, have the ability to register as a new member, or renew your yearly membership, in addition to other areas of personal or professional interests. 

One of the newer additions is the daily readings; this will be a great way for you to connect to the faith. Another is the legislation and policy tab.  This is where you will be able to follow pertinent information regarding legislative and public policy activities.  The purpose will be to educate and inform on issues that might be affecting the populations you serve or issues that may influence your personal life as a faithful Catholic.  In addition, it will provide an opportunity for us to support the Church, lend our voices in the public square, and seek to protect our rights as Catholic social workers to serve without intrusion on our beliefs.

The website will offer an opportunity to view past and future presentations.  We will be offering information on upcoming lectures to obtain CEUs for those who are looking to renew their state license, and information on upcoming conferences.

As you can see, we will be providing a host of information that will be able to support your needs as a Catholic social worker.  We look forward to you being a part of our association and hope you will join us in forwarding our mission in serving Jesus Christ.

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Mass Schedules

Mass will be celebrated for the intentions of Catholic Social Workers at St. Margaret of York Parish in Loveland, Ohio on the following dates:


May 31              8:15am

June 26             5:30pm

July 31             11:00am

August 22         7:00pm

September 8     8:15am

October 7          8:15am

November 21    7:00pm

December 8      7:00pm


January 8          11:00am

February 2          8:15am

March 15             8:15am

April 13                8:15am




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