The limitless value of a child

Jan 26, 2017

hello all,

On the eve of the March for Life, I was thinking of sharing a thought from my clinical work.  Out of an abundance of caution to keep her information privileged, I'm going to tell it much differently, as a "story I heard."

I heard the story of a woman who was already struggling to make it, especially in terms of finances.  Upon a positive pregnancy test, she thought about the practical difficulties of a child and the possibility of an abortion.  The family around her changed her mind, mostly through their excitement of the news.  The excitement was almost contagious, and the possibility of an abortion faded as if to have never been in consideration.

What a difference a supportive family can make, and thank God for the boldness a family can have in recognizing the value of a child, which can never be priced.

Peace in Christ,

Mike Barga, CSWNA Board Member


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