What Happened to Compassionate Care?

Nov 25, 2016

We now have seven jurisdictions in our country that legalized doctor-assisted suicide. Many see this as an alarming trend, while others view this as compassionate care. "The legalization of assisted suicide has expanded beyond the killing of another human being, to permitting insurance companies to refuse treatments of patients who are considered terminal, and allowing third parties to administer lethal drugs." [1] The legalization of assisted-suicide removes any hope for compassionate and palliative care.

“Our society should embrace what Pope John Paul II called “the way of love and true mercy” a readiness to surround patients with love, support and companionship, providing the assistance needed to ease their physical, emotional and spiritual suffering. This approach must be anchored in unconditional respect for their human dignity, beginning with respect for the inherent value of their lives.”[2]

Catholic social workers will advocate in defending and upholding human dignity.  We will strive to be the messengers of the Gospel and to enlighten those who don't see the truth.  We will join other advocates in protecting individuals with chronic or terminal conditions, -- and respond with compassion, respect and support. 

CSWNA ‘s advocacy efforts will oppose legislation that continues to put emphasis on the fact that individuals with a terminal or chronic conditions are regarded as a “burden” on society, have “less value,” or as Pope Francis states, “part of a throwaway culture.”

Catholic social workers are committed to the dignity of every human person and seek to protect all who are vulnerable.



[1] USCCB (statement on doctor-assisted suicide, Nov 2016)

[2] USCCB To Live Each Day with Dignity Statement



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