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Video Games and Culture

Video games have become a fascinating place to see people recognize and deal with the fallout of postmodernity.

Domine, Non Nisi Te

If the greatest theologian of the Middle Ages found his repose in God alone, might we find just a little bit of encouragement?

Good Books, Community, and Real Investment of Time

There’s a real pleasure in sharing a story with a friend.

Waving to the Prince of Peace While Heading to War

The propensity to label-and-dismiss anyone with whom we disagree has led our nation and our Church toward dangerous cliffs.

Maintaining Inner Peace

The peace promised to us by Jesus Christ only flowers in the soil of a serene heart.

Day of Penance for the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

How have our own attitudes and actions contributed to a sad status quo that threatens the culture?

St. Agnes and the Weight of Sacrifice

Our faith is not a toy or a hobby, but a way of life.

Game ON: Why Video Games Appeal to the Hungry Heart

From “Kingdom Hearts” to “Fortnite,” key human desires manifest themselves in video game culture.

Uncle Screwtape Is Delighted with Our Social Cowardice

The senior demon has a new letter for Wormwood about his disoriented American subjects.

Curing Spiritual Procrastination

We are constantly being called to enter deeper into God’s heart.