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If You Love Somebody, If You Love Someone…

Love alone makes the wild tensions of difference wildly creative.

The Gift of Baptism and Our Search for Meaning

A vacuum in the soul is evident in the lives of many today, even among those who are baptized.

It Is Good That You Exist

The desire to be seen, to be acknowledged, is deep, and its lack diminishes the person.

Fearing the Fragility of Auntie Janis and Cousin Judy

What is it about human neediness that both fascinates and repels?

Sanctity or Scandal: An Interview with Fr. Steve Grunow

“Credibility will only come from saints—and this is the hard way the Church seems called by the Lord to go.”

How to Make a Holy Hour

Sometimes we need a little guidance that helps us to focus.

What's Coming in 2019 in the Word on Fire Institute?

This new year for the Word on Fire Institute promises more big things.

Christmas Still Isn’t Over, So Unwrap “The Gift”

This unique Christmas compilation is saturated, start to finish, with the joy of the Gospel.

Herod and the Magi: A Terrible Epiphany

Pride, fear, and contempt always play a role in bringing forth the death of innocence.

Basil, Gregory, and the Holy Spirit

Basil and Gregory realized that our worship of the Holy Spirit is tied to his role in creating and saving us.