Staff Member: Frances Robinson, MSS, MLSP

Frances Robinson, MSS, MLSP

Director of Advocacy and Policy

Frances Robinson is a Catholic social worker with a dual degree Master of Social Service and Master of Law and Social Policy, from Bryn Mawr College.
Ms. Robinson’s true passion is social policy and advocacy. While working at a homeless shelter, she completed independent research on submitted policy recommendations to the PA state House Majority Policy Committee. She served as Chair of the Service Delivery Committee and as Board Member for the Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness in Harrisburg, PA.

Ms. Robinson is committed to serving the Catholic Church and advancing the teachings of the Church as a Catholic social worker. She believes in educating future Catholic social workers about the importance of the teachings and believes in the commitment to sharing our faith with others through either practice or daily life.

Catholic social workers are faced with difficult societal challenges. Ms. Robinson serves as a witness to keeping her faith intact while attending Bryn Mawr College, while being questioned about her faith and asked, “how can she be a social worker and be Catholic.” She believes very strongly in religious freedom for all Catholic social workers in all areas of practice. Advancing the right for social workers to have the freedom to follow their conscience should be respected and should never be put in a position to choose between their faith and the career.

CSWNA will continue to strive to keep the faith and Catholic social work alive and vibrant in all communities, even when those in society are against us and challenge our religious beliefs.

Photo of Frances Robinson, MSS, MLSP