“For As I Have Done for You, So You Must Also Do” -John 13:15

A Law Practitioner in Our Executive Board

Charles Nemeth, Esq.

Dr. Charles P. Nemeth has spent the vast majority of his professional life in the study and practice of law and justice. He is a recognized expert on professional ethics and the justice system, private-sector justice, and private security systems. Presently he is Chair and Professor of Security, Fire and Emergency Management and Director of the Center of Private Security and Safety at John Jay College in New York City. He is a prolific writer, having published numerous texts and articles on law and justice throughout his impressive career.

His text, Private Security and the Law 4th- (Elsevier, 2012) is considered the foremost treatise on the subject matter. A 5th edition has been published by Taylor/Francis, 2018. His private security expertise is further buttressed by Private Security and Investigative Process 4th edition (CRC Press, 2019); Private Security: Principles and Practice (CRC Press, 2019); Criminal Law 2nd (CRC Press, 2012) and Law and Evidence 2nd (Jones and Bartlett, 2010). In the area of Homeland Security, he has published Introduction to Homeland Security: Practices and Principles 3rd edition (CRC Press, 2010, 2014, 2017). A 4th edition is planned for 2020.

Charles Nemeth