“For As I Have Done for You, So You Must Also Do” -John 13:15

Committed to Developing Community Outreach Programs

Melanie Berte-Hickey, MSW, LMSW

Melanie is an Assistant Professor of Social Work.

Melanie is a passionate and dedicated professional, offering over 25 years of accelerated and combined expertise in counseling, social and human services, education, program management, staff development, and community outreach. Experienced in teaching all Bachelor’s level courses accredited by the Counsel on Social Work Education. Courses include Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Practice I, II, and III, History and Methods, Policy, and several elective courses. Acknowledged for outstanding contributions in developing and streamlining programs to enhance the social, educational, psychological, and other characteristics of students, parents, educators, and social workers. Highly articulate, demonstrating refined interpersonal skills across all levels and backgrounds.