“For As I Have Done for You, So You Must Also Do” -John 13:15

A Clinical Social Worker Advocating for Mental Health

Sr. Salvatrice Murphy

Sister Salvatrice Murphy is a clinical social worker and a graduate of The Catholic University of America. In between earning her BA in 1998 and her MSW in 2000, she completed a year of volunteer service at Hogar Infantil orphanage in Mexico. She spent six years with Boys Town of Washington DC where she worked with the therapeutic foster parents and biological families of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral challenges. In 2009 she joined the Daughters of Charity, a society of apostolic life founded by St. Louise de Marillac (the Patron Saint of Social Workers) and St Vincent de Paul (the Patron Saint of Charitable Works). Sister Salvatrice has worked and is licensed in four jurisdictions including Maryland, Washington, DC, Louisiana, and Illinois.

She currently serves as the Mental Health Consultant for a ministry of the Daughters of Charity in Chicago.